Previews for the 10/16 Restock at 1pm EDT

On Sunday 10/16 at 1pm EDT I will list the following Halloween inspired friends in my shop:


2 Bright Green 12" Medium Frankie Butters  275

3 Black Caviar Seal 12" Medium Butter Kitties  275

3 Amber 10" Cake Pop Pumpkin Teddies  200

2 Play Sized 10" Minky ZomBears  175

6 MYSTERY LISTING 4.5" Baby Cake Pop Bats  135


All items are weighted

These orders will ship on or before Monday, 10/24

These orders will be inspected for suspicious navigation. If found, your order could be canceled. 


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  • Bridgette on

    How may I make a purchase please?

  • d1ssy33 on


  • sheyva on

    i want it :(

  • Saylor on

    All my life growing up I was alone and had no parents or loved ones. My father abandoned me and my mother died in a fire. One morning I woke up to an earthquake. My house had shattered to the ground and I had lost my only other companion; my dog. I’m now broke asf so plz make these cheaper bruh😭😭😭😭☠️☠️☠️☠️

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