Previews for the 10/18 Open Halloween Restock at 1pm Eastern

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On Sunday 10/18 at 1pm Eastern, I will list the following Limited Edition Halloween plush in my shop. These guys are made only once a year and in limited quantities. *Please note* any orders found to have suspicious navigation will be cancelled at my discretion. For more details on this matter, please see the Additional Information paragraph under FAQs & Policies on the front page. 


4 Large Traditional ZomBears $200

3 Large ZomButter Bears $200

2 Large 10" Pumpkin Cake Pop Teddies $175

10 MYSTERY LISTING Halloween Themed Baby Cake Pops 5". If you purchase this listing you will be sent one of the following themes: Button Eye Bear, Pumpkin, Ghostie, ZomBear and just added: Black Kitty. This is a blind box listing, you will NOT get a choice of theme. $100



All items from the restock will ship on or before Friday 10/23 


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  • Lena Ritter on

    I want the Black Teddy, please. It’s so cute

  • Yuelanda LeDuc on

    Hello I’m wanting a pumpkin teddy bear I was wanting to know the price for this bear. My daughter really wants one. Can you please email me back with info. Thanks 😊

  • Karen Montgomery on

    I want two pumpkin dolls for my daughters please. Thank you.

  • Lara on

    I want a ghost please it’s for my daughter

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