Previews for the 11/22 Restock at 1pm Eastern

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On Sunday, 11/22 at 1pm Eastern, I will be adding the following plushies to my shop:


2 Large 16" Almond Seal Butter Bears with Fall Star Patch $175

2 Large 16" Traditional Plum Kitsunes $150

3 Large 10" Cake Pop Deers $150

4 Large 10" Cake Pop Bengals $140

2 Large 16" Traditional Butterscotch Teddies $135

8 Baby 5" Cake Pop Pumpkins Limited Edition Animal Crossing Colors MYSTERY LISTING $100 (you will receive a randomly selected color from the 4)

3 Baby 5" Cake Pop Apples $100

3 Baby 5" Cake Pop Plaid Flannel Teddies $85


These items will ship in 3-5 business days, on or before Friday 11/27


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  • on

    I’d like to buy the white one with the star on the eye

  • on

    Hi I really like to buy one of those cute plushies how can I do it?


    I’m wanting to purchase any if your cuties for my grand daughter :)

  • Lauren on

    Hi I really want to buy the Teddy with the eye patch please contact me

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