Previews for the 2/23 Second Chance Restock at 1pm EST

***ATTENTION***This restock is only for buyers who have not made a direct retail priced purchase from me during the months of January and/or February of this year. If you are not eligible, your order will be cancelled.


On Sunday, 2/23 at 1pm EST, I will list the following plushies:

2 Large Sakura Pink Butter Puppies $200

2 Large Cream Faux Fur Butter Bears with Pink Heart Eye Patch $175

2 Large Butter Butter Bears with Flower Heart Eye Patch $165

2 Large Winter Blue Traditional Kitsune $150

2 Large Animal Print Traditional Kitties with Pink Heart Patch $150

2 Large Muted Pink Traditional Teddies with Plaid Eye Patch $125

2 Large 9" Fig Frosted Cake Pops with Liberty Heart Patch $125


All items will ship on or before Monday, March 2.


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  • THU on

    How I can catch on time?

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