Previews for the 2/28 SECOND CHANCE Restock at 1pm Eastern

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***Please Note: this restock is only for customers who have not made a direct, retailed priced purchase from me in 2021. If you are not eligible for this restock and you purchase anyway, your order will be cancelled immediately***


On Sunday, 2/28 at 1pm Eastern I will list the following plushies in my shop:


3 Frosted Minky 15" Medium Butter Bunnies $200

3 Elderberry Minky 16" Traditional Kitsunes $175

5 Sorbet Minky 10" Cake Pop Puppies $175

2 Magenta Minky 7" Cake Pop Heart Nose Teddies $125

3 Baby Cake Pop Piggies $100

3 Baby Cake Pop Koalas $100

All items are weighted. The projected ship date for these restock orders is Monday, 3/8. Because of the extra security needed to verify the status of these orders, that date is subject to change with notice given in the bijoukitty vip group on Facebook. 

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  • emma keller on

    I love Sorbet Minky 10" Cake Pop Puppy i so want one of my own, but my question is do all the plushies shown come with it?

  • Jess on

    Is there a chance of a cactus plush?

  • Jacob Bellamy on

    When is the next restock

  • Alora Zrenda on

    Do we register here for the restock? I’m a first time purchaser and don’t know how it works

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