Previews for the 3/21 Open Restock at 1pm EDST

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On Sunday 3/21 at 1pm EDST I will list the following plushies in my shop:

2 Large (20" including ears) Weighted Bubble Gum Pink Seal Butter Bunny $300

6 Large 12" Weighted Cake Pop Bunnies MYSTERY COLOR $175

3 Large 10" Weighted Cake Pop Piggie in Galaxy Pink $175

6 Regular 7" Weighted Cake Pop Baby Lambs in Swirl Rose $135 MYSTERY COLOR

3 Regular 7" Weighted Cake Pop Bunnies in Cuddle Weave $125 MYSTERY COLOR


* These inventory numbers reflect any cart passes that may have been used

* Orders from this restock will ship on or before Friday, March 26

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  • Katia on

    I really hope I can have a little friend here with me in Dubai!

  • Scarlett Wylde on

    This entire drop is so good Susan! High hopes to score my first and if I don’t- still so grateful for the chance! Your art is lovely!

  • Stayce Tackley on

    Please disregard my comment above, after reading it, it sounds gross. Susan this drop is awesome! That bunny is everything.

  • Chantel Santa Ana on

    These are all amazing Susan!!

  • Bijou Love on

    For the inquiring price conscientious minds, imagine the per hour rate a person would be paid if they got $90 for making an entire work of art. It is worth it like mentioned, and really is not very high. I am far from well off, but you save for it, if you’re lucky enough to score. It’s that or paying 500% retail price on the market. Let’s dial back the negativity. ❤️

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