Previews for the 3/28 Second Chance Restock at 1pm EDST

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***Please Note: this restock is only for customers who have not made a direct, retailed priced purchase from me in 2021. If you are not eligible for this restock and you purchase anyway, your order will be cancelled immediately***

On Sunday 3/28 at 1pm EDST, I will list the following plushies in the shop:


2 Large (20" including ears) Weighted Sand Seal Butter Bunny $300

2 Large 10" Weighted Cake Pop Piggie in Pink Swirl Rose $175

3 Large 12" Weighted Cake Pop Bunnies MYSTERY COLOR $175

6 Regular 7" Weighted Cake Pop Baby Lambs in Swirl Rose $135 MYSTERY COLOR

3 Regular 7" Weighted Cake Pop Bunnies in Cuddle Weave $125 MYSTERY COLOR


***Because of the extra steps needed to verify the eligibility of each order, these plushies will have a longer ship time. They will ship on or before Wednesday, April 7th.***


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