Previews for the 4/24 Second Chance Restock at 1pm EDT

***Please Note: this restock is only for customers who have not made a direct, retailed priced purchase from me in 2022. If you are not eligible for this restock and you purchase anyway, your order will be cancelled immediately***

On Sunday 4/24 at 1pm EDT I will list the following plushies in my shop:


2 XL Tutti Fruitti Seal Cake Pop Elephants   300

2 Large Rose Quartz Seal Butter Bunnies  300

2 XXL Seafoam Seal Mega Pop Teddies   275

3 Large Gray Seal Cake Pop Seals   175

6 Strawberry print minky Baby Bébé Cake Pop Bunnies   125

6 MYSTERY PASTEL COLOR Bébé Baby Cake Pop Frog Babies   125

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  • アクちゃん on

    I saw your work for the first time! I really want it to be so cute …🥹💕 I especially like big teddy bears! Where can I buy it?

  • Dey Thibault-Carrier on

    I would like to order you a stuffed animal

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