Previews for the 8/29 Second Chance Restock at 1pm EDT

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***Please Note: this restock is only for customers who have not made a direct, retailed priced purchase from me in 2021. If you are not eligible for this restock and you purchase anyway, your order will be cancelled immediately***

On Sunday 8/29 at 1pm EDT, I will list the following plushies:

3 Mega Pop XXL Teddies 16" in Mystic Seal (color placement will vary) 275

3 XL Cake Pop Peach Teddies 12" in Blossom Seal 225

3 Cake Pop Puppies 10" in Mermaid Sorbet Minky (color placement will vary) 150

3 Cake Pop Elephants 10" in Purple Galaxy Minky (color placement will vary) 150

3 Cake Pop Hamsters 7" in Ginger Snap Minky (color placement will vary) 135

10 Mystery Baby Cake Pops. This listing is for the possibility of any style, in any color, 4.5" Baby Cake Pop. The listing picture is just examples of possibilities and not a firm list of everything or anything that will be available 100

* All plushies are weighted
* If your order goes against the spirit of this restock or my policies on suspicious navigation, it will be cancelled and consequences dealt at my discretion
* Due to the Labor Day holiday weekend and the extra step of verifying the FTB status, these orders will ship on or before Friday September 10th

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  • 재입고 on

    미니 재입고 알려주세요

  • Marie on

    Oh same ! I juste discorvered your shopping and I m in love with the peach cake pop ! Will it be available again ?

  • Lily on

    Hello I was wondering if the mini peach cake pop will be available soon because I was gonna order in 2021 but I was to late and missed the restock please let me know xxx love ur business btw xoxox-lily

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